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Seasoning everything with love

Bacon Wrapped Smokies with Pineapple- The best addictive appetizer

Bacon Wrapped Smokies with Pineapple- The best addictive appetizer

When I think about perfect appetizers, I automatically think of bacon, and these Bacon Wrapped Smokies with Pineapple are one of those appetizers that is hard to stop eating.  Your guests will both love and hate you for serving these, as they will continue to justify “one more”….and then “one more,” until the entire platter is gone.

The only appetizer we’ve ever made that disappears faster is our Famous Bacon Deviled Eggs, and do you notice the common theme?  It would appear that it’s all about bacon.  In fact, one of the fastest disappearing side dishes I’ve made more my family is the twice baked potatoes featuring cheese and bacon.  See? Bacon is a favorite.

All of your friends like bacon, right?

It almost feels cliche’ to be all: “bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon,”  because so many people are all about bacon these days… but there’s good reason for that, such as that bacon is amazing!  It deserves the attention it has been getting.  I’m not ashamed to be on the bacon wagon.  The only friends I know that don’t love bacon are vegetarians, and I bet bacon is the saddest part of choosing to be a vegetarian (I’m just guessing.)  In other words, we should all serve bacon wrapped smokies with pineapple.

Pineapple and little smokies, wrapped in a slice of smokey bacon. Such an amazing appetizer.

But Christina, I thought you were eating real foods!

If you’re following my journey at all, you know I’m trying (imperfectly) to eat real food for 6 days a week.  Well, I made Super Bowl my seventh day on this particular week. Little smokies don’t follow the rule of 5 real ingredients or less…but that’s why I said 6 days a week.  I love these things!

How could you not love these little smokies and pineapple wrapped up in bacon?  Here’s some more bacon photography so that we can all drool together…

bacon wrapped appetizers
Imagine putting one of these in your mouth.  You can already taste it, can’t you?  You can imagine chewing it and savoring it.  Let me tell you, we started eating these while they were still too hot, and nobody even cared that they were burning their mouths.

bacon wrapped appetizers

So without further ado,  here are the super simple instructions for throwing these bacon wrapped smokies with pineapple together.

Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
25 mins
Total Time
30 mins

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies and Pineapple is one of those addictive appetizers that your guests will both love and hate you for.  They will continue justifying "just on more," and then "just one more," until the entire plate is gone.  

Course: Appetizer, Snack
Servings: 35 Pieces
Author: Blake & Christina Seward
  • 16 oz Little Smokies That's about 35
  • 12 slices bacon cold is better for slicing
  • 10 oz Sliced Pineapple Approximately. We used about 1/2 of a 20 oz can
  1. Preheat oven to 350°

  2. Slice the bacon into thirds

  3. Cut the pineapple into desirable size.  We cut it into eighths.

  4. Wrap a piece of bacon around the smokie and pineapple and secure with toothpick.

  5. Repeat until all smokies are wrapped.

  6. Place all wrapped smokies on a baking sheet.  I highly recommend investing in and using a cooking stone, as it will keep the bottoms from blackening (and will do the same with bisquits!)

  7. Bake in oven until bacon is cooked.  This took 25 minutes for our thick sliced bacon, but yours may vary.  


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