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Bey Blades, Candy Sushi and Birthday Cake Popcorn!

Bey Blades, Candy Sushi and Birthday Cake Popcorn!

Bey Blade,Candy Sushi and Birthday Cake Popcorn

Jordan’s Birthday Party 2018

The most popular questions I was asked:

“Where did you come up with that?”

Pinterest.  More specifically, a couple really cool bloggers, that I’m now following, had posted it to Pinterest;  and I found it while hunting for ideas.  I’ll share more about these awesome bloggers below.

“What made you decide to do that instead of cake?”

It was fun to tell my son that he wasn’t getting a cake.  He was getting sushi and popcorn instead.  I mean seriously, how funny is that?!and it was TRUE! Up until his actual birthday, he didn’t know that it would actually be Rice Krispy sushi and popcorn that had cake batter in it!!

My first little man is 11!

I try to make a special day for each person who has to live under one roof with me, including their favorite dinner.  Jordan didn’t get his favorite Schnitzel on this day though, we ordered a pizza for the party and then made him his Schnitzel for the next night.  Rolling candy sushi ended up being more time consuming than I imagined (as things always are.) It also ended up tasting way better than I had imagined!

For his party, we made a Bey Blade tournament, because that is what he is obsessed with.  All of us who normally say “no thanks” to playing with him joined the competition, along with a few of his buddies.  I was stoked when one of his friend’s mom’s (my friend) won the whole tournament!  We had a huge laugh over that!


I got the instructions for the candy sushi here:

I used light butter, and it turned out great.

I got the recipe for Birthday Cake Popcorn here:

Again, I used light butter, because I had it in my fridge.  I’d recommend using real butter though.  If you have to use light or margarine, make sure to melt all the ingredients slowly.


Both of these bloggers, and, are worth checking out. They have a lot of really great content.


Thank you all for coming and checking out my son’s 11th Birthday!













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